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Course Overview

ATTITUDE ACADEMY, where you will learn world class professional courses as well as you get good coaching guidance for B-TECH, Polytechnic, B.C.A and M.C.A by professional faculties. At ATTITUDE ACADEMY you will get new way of education, here all concepts would be clear by faculty in easy way. We have best faculties for all the courses. We will provide Assignment, study material and Videos relevant to course that will help students to understand particular topic or course. We will help you in Final Project Report too. Getting your degree completion on time should be hassle-free and affordable, and we will do everything possible to satisfy your requirements.

Students are still not much aware of choosing their career in B.C.A. Before you choose any 1 among the options you have, it is very much necessary that you know about the program, what it offers, what are the specializations, how it is useful, what are the job opportunities and the most important point is if the option is best for your interests or not.

The B.C.A is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications for duration of 3 years, divided into several semesters which are generally 6 in number. After completing B.C.A, a student can go for M.C.A which is a mastercourse in computer application and is considered equivalent to engineeringcourse (B.TECH). The course provides sound practical skills addressing problems which arise from computer systems and applications. Owing to the wide popularity amongst the students various Computer Science schools have come up offering Computer Science graduate programs at par with B.C.A. B.C.A can also be pursued through Distance Learning Programs by various Institutes.

Eligibility For This Course

Bachelor of Computer Science requires a candidate to have passed HSC (10 + 2) exam and Mathematics as passing subject with minimum 50% marks at 12 th standard.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Minimum Duration: 3 Years
Maximum Duration: 6 Years
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar
Eligibility:10+2 or its equivalent.


The basic objective of the programme is to open a channel of admission for computing courses for students, who have done the 10+2 and are interested in taking computing/IT as a career. After acquiring the Bachelor’s Degree (BCA) at IGNOU, there is further educational opportunity to go for an MCA at IGNOU or Master’s Programme at any other University/Institute. Also after completing BCA Programme, a student should be able to get entry level job in the field of Information Technology or ITES.

First Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
FEG-02 Foundation Course in English 4
ECO-01 Business Organization 4
BCS-011 Computer Basics and PC Software 3
BCS-012 Mathematics 4
BCSL-013 Computer Basics and PC Software Lab 2

Second Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
ECO-02 Accountancy-1 4
MCS-011 Problem Solving and Programming 3
MCS-012 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming 4
MCS-015 Communication Skills 2
MCS-013 Discrete Mathematics 2
BCSL-021 C Language Programming Lab 1
BCSL-022 Assembly Language Programming Lab 1

Third Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
MCS-021 Data and File Structures 4
MCS-023 Introduction to Database Management Systems 3
MCS-014 Systems Analysis and Design 3
BCS-031 Programming in C++ 3
BCSL-032 C++ Programming Lab 1
BCSL-033 Data and File Structures Lab 1
BCSL-034 DBMS Lab 1

Fourth Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
BCS-040 Statistical Techniques 4
MCS-024 Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming 3
BCS-041 Fundamentals of Computer Networks 4
BCS-042 Introduction to Algorithm Design 2
MCSL-016 Internet Concepts and Web Design 2
BCSL-043 Java Programming Lab 1
BCSL-044 Statistical Techniques Lab 1
BCSL-045 Algorithm Design Lab 1

Fifth Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
BCS-051 Introduction to Software Engineering 3
BCS-052 Network Programming and Administration 3
BCS-053 Web Programming 2
BCS-054 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques 3
BCS-055 Business Communication 2
BCSL-056 Network Programming and Administration Lab 1
BCSL-057 Web Programming Lab 1
BCSL-058 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques Lab 1

Sixth Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
BCS-062 E-Commerce 2
MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management 4
BCSL-063 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Lab 1
BCSP-064 Project 8

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BCA Foundation course is not only an entrance exam, it also tests student that the student is right candidate for become a qualified “BCA” or not..

Career Opportunities after B.C.A

  • Software Publisher
  • Finance Manager
  • Computer Programmer
  • Teacher & Lecturer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Computer Scientist
  • DBA(Database Administrator)
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Independent Consultant
  • Computer Support Service Manager
  • Systems Administrator
  • Computer Presentation Specialist
  • Software Developer

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