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Course Overview

Our Course is designed to help student to understand the Concept, Process and requirement of a website development. In Mobile App development program student will learn concepts of development and the process of developing the App, after successful completion students will work on different live projects under the guidance of our professionals with the intention of creating the portfolio which will help student to get job. Mobile App development is developing applications for Company. Mobile App Development can be used to develop website using database and programming/coding, so that it can be used to stores the data for future reference.
Mobile App application is the programming which resides on the server site and returns the at the client end against the query required by the clients in HTML Format. We provide Mobile App Development training by our professional developers and programming experts.

Elibility For This Course

Student should have good knowledge of a modern, object oriented language such as Java, C#, C++.

Apple iPhone is a great 3G multi-touch phone with amazing features that make this Smartphone useful to every category of mobile users. Attitude Academy provides iPhone application development training according to the current requirement of IT industry. Apple lets individual developers and companies to list their custom iPhone applications on the iPhone Store for free or commercial distribution. Already there are 120,000 iPhone applications with more than one billion download on the iPhone Store. Training custom iPhone applications training is thus very lucrative given the vast demand for such applications worldwide.
Attitude Academy is an iPhone Application Training institute with proven expertise in training useful iPhone applications as well as providing hands-on training to budding iPhone software developers. We have a dedicated team of iPhone trainers who provide intensive and dedicated training on all core and general aspects of iPhone development. We have mastered the iPhone SDK and can effortlessly transfer our skills and knowledge to you through our iPhone training course.

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IOS Releases
Xcode IDE Installation and Use
MVC Architecture
Views and View Controllers
Next Step Object Support
Data Persistence
Internal Hardware System Support Data Persistence
System Event Handling
Multithreading Support
Web Service Support
Multi-Platform Development
Games and Graphics Support
Cloud Service
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