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Q. 1

Can I Start My Career By Learning Advanced Excel Course ?


Yes, Our advanced excel course is designed as per companies job requirement. Advanced excel course includes topic like Lookup, Data Validation, Graph & Charts, Power Pivot Table & Dashboard. By learning advanced excel course you can make reports & dashboard presentation.

Q. 2

How Can I Get Benefit From The MIS Courses Offered By Attitude?


Attitude Academy has designed a comprehensive a MIS Data Analysis Course in Advanced Excel with the help of Sr Lead Analyst from Evalueserve, Accenture,Mercer etc who are the part-time trainers with us. MIS Reporting Automation Reporting courses and certifications will enable our learners to do reporting analysis in more efficient effective manner saving on man-hours, money and increasing efficiency of the system as a whole.

Q. 3

How Can ATTITUDE Help Me To Start My Career In MIS or Data Analysis?


When you are starting your career, having that extra edge will always be helpful to secure your dream job with a good package. Attitude Academy offer you well designed MIS & Data Analysis Courses and Certifications in Advanced Excel which target enabling you with that extra edge. Experienced industry experts deliver sessions and take workshops to ensure that both theoretical knowledge and practical exposure is provided.

Q. 4

What are the benefits of E-Accounts & E-Taxation training?


With e-accounting, SLA can create accounts of more than one business from any place of the globe. With e-accounting, we can share accounting details with others from any position of the world. With e-accounting, we can perform live work of accounting. It implies one accounting, project can be absolute more than one individual from different places.

Q. 5

How GST Work in E-commerce Industry?


These days, e-commerce industry is paying lots of taxes, which include VAT, CST, Service Tax, Excise, and TDS, with numerous taxes applicable on any known deal. The complexities of logistics and reverse logistics, advertising and endorsement services, music, software, products, and eBooks turns it difficult to differentiate between goods as well as services in each transaction. It is important for the sellers to be complied with registration requirements and announce their turnover to tax departments of several states.

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