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Advanced MS-Excel Course:

MS-Excel is a commercial spreadsheet application produced and distributed by Microsoft Windows and Mac-OS. It has a characteristic of performing the basic calculations, graphing tools, creating pivot tables and creating macros This application performs very effectively on arithmetic solution.

Course Duration : 30-35 Hrs


Few basic formulas are suggested but this is not mandatory we will provide classes of basic level too.

Introduction to Excel, Basic Understanding Menu and Toolbar, Introduction to different category of functions like Basics, Mathematical and Statistical, Date and Time, Logical, Lookup and References, Text and Information, MACROS, Organising & Presenting Data, Auditing worksheets & Analysis Data, Import/Export & Publishing the Data.

Course details:

Time to be the expert in excel: Pursuing this course you will be enabled with understanding of advanced formulas, tools, mechanism from a basic spreadsheet program and then a lively and effective analytic tool. Whereas many other train for simple formulas, I prefer to go through contextual examples.

At the last students will be expert in writing robust, formulas and features from scratch all this will take you to build dynamic tools and excel display, and judging. Making your own formula based formatting norms. Targeting dates, schedules, and arrays.

Get ready to dive in to the depth of excel formulas and features consists:

.numerical functions

.suggested functions

.array formulas

.text functions

.time and date

.rules based formatting

This is one of the best uses of itnot only arithmetic solutions but also formatting options that include italics, highlighting, and colors are some useful tools of this advanced application By using a network enabled PC, mobile, or a tablet, we can have online access over excel. It can be really helpful if you can't access your PC and need to send the spreadsheet immediately. Excel brings all the data at one place it also helps in human resources planning. Get 100% Practical and Advanced MS-Excel (MIS) Training with Certified Diploma and certificate at our Yamuna Vihar, Uttam Nagar Delhi NCR centers.

What You will learn:

1. How to visualize excel and write important and effective formulas from scratch.

2. Mechanism to self operate, streamline and undoubtedly refashioned your workingexperience with excel.

3. Advance tips, aid and researching practical case studies which are rare to find out else where precisely.

4. Exciting, communicative and useful chapters from seasoned best selling excel instructor.

Benefits of learning advanced ms-excel from Attitude Academy:

We can't avoid ms excel in our daily life be it a student or an accountant or any other professional it is surely ir-replaceable part of business. This saves you a lot of time if you own a small business, advanced training in Microsoft excel can assist you saving a lot of time in organizing data precisely with just few basic requirements. Learn Advanced MS-Excel and (MIS) with Certified Diploma and certificate from the best institute now at our Yamuna Vihar, Uttam Nagar Delhi NCR centers.

Increase your knowledge and managerial skills:

Not only in accounting line but also it works to make you good in management. While your training classes your will be provided knowledge of formatting, macro, using graphical, representations in spreadsheets, financial formulas and logical complex formulas etc. That all will make you superior and expert in advance excel and management too.

Knowing our target audience:

The users who cannot even work on basic level and those who got basic skills but want to expand this on to advanced and practical level. People desiring to augment their skills and wishing to work with efficient and effective data. Students those who are looking for jobs.

About the facilities:

Attitude Academy provide precised, practical and advanced excel training for the users that have basic skills and hoping to increase it. Advanced training will be given to students in our institution along with certificate, PDF, study material, tutorial and e-books etc. All this is provided in our duration of classes at our coaching center at Yamuna vihar Uttam nagar Delhi.

Now you can Dynamically increase your productivity with the help of MS-Excel by enrolling for this program not only you will acquire advanced level knowledge of spreadsheets, worksheets, tabular data and charts. You will also get your work done much faster, thus all working professionals & freshers looking for job opportunities in Banking, Insurance, FMCG, BPOs, KPOs & retail Sectors increase your proficiency so that you have a lot more time to spare for fulfilling day at work.

Step up and join our Yamuna vihar or Uttam nagar centers for an amazing future.

Your are only few steps away.

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