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Graphic design is a creative process, used to convey a message through visual communication and presentation. The Graphic designing course in Yamuna vihar Uttam Nagar Delhi as a whole is also referred to as Communication Design or DTP.

A graphic designer may use a variety of typography combinations, visual arts and page layout techniques to build a great design. However, our brain is the most important design tool. Along with technology, a creative mind booming with unique ideas, good judgment, observations, quantitative and analytic thinking are required for creative design layouts and rendering. New ideas comes by way of experimenting with tools and methods. For example, a newspaper story begins with a journalists and a photographer and then it becomes the graphic designer's job to organize the page in an attractive layout. Hence, Graphic designers should be able to work in a variety of environments.

Elibility For This Course

None. Anybody can enroll for garphic designing course. No prior knowledge of statistics, the language of SAS or Analytic techniques is required for this course.

Photoshop is the best image editing software for graphic and website designers. Photoshop and Graphic Designing DTP courses in Yamuna vihar Uttam Nagar Delhi give the advance knowledge of photo editing and enhancement plus deep conceptual based knowledge of image formats and image resolution. In our Photoshop course, the examples have been composed for all the Photoshop versions 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 & cc including new features of the latest versions too. Our Photoshop training institute provides the knowledge of all the menu panel, control options, retouching, photo-retouching, layers, mask making, channel work, actions, cut-outs, Adobe Bridge file management, history, filters, gradients, shapes, text, path, layer panel handling and many more.

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