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Course Overview

Dress designing is one of the most popular courses among fashion designing. Dress designing is an industry that is ever growing and will last for every time. The undergraduate degree programs in this domain can provide opport-unities for the persons who want to do this. The most advanced programs by the experienced professionals can prepare aspirants for positions like chief designers or they can have their own work. The essential necessities of human beings are clothes, food and a house to live in. According to the changing times, the dress design also changes. Now, the dresses are designed keeping in mind not only protection of body but also personality of the wearer.

Elibility For This Course

There is a benefit for doing this course is that no prerequisites are needed for this course like graduation, higher secondary and secondary standard etc.

Dress Designing  
Before going through Photoshop training candidate should have knowledge of given concepts listed below:
Plain Kurta
Designer Dress
Designer Dress

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