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Course Overview

Actual art and creation works together. With the combination of these two, Ready-made garment industry is coming up with its high fly in Global market.

The ready made garment industry plays a very important role in clothing a very large part of the Indian population and we see the ever changing styles of fashion are becoming more and more diversified and subject to periodic modification. Every garment may be designed and marked but before that they need to be prod uced. So here we come to build such special quality in our students. These type of courses help each and every women to develop her personal as well as professional front. To be successful in this field besides being creative it is important to have the latest information on existing market trends, pricing, supply and demand. The course helps to develop a command on both creative and technical skill. Due to the tremendous growth experienced by the apparel sector we see a rise in the employment opportunities like pattern makers, pattern cutter and graders, quality controller, production manager. A trained person can be employed by stores, television stations, boutiques, export houses etc, or can open their own garment units.

Elibility For This Course

None. Anybody can enrol for this course. No prior knowledge of statistics, the language of SAS or analytic techniques is required.

Semester. I  
Colour Wheel
Semester. II  
Tins and shades with theory.

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