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Course Overview

This lab course is completely based on MCS-012.The basic objective of the course is to provide the hands on experience on Assembly language programming and improve the practical skill set. Also to apply all the concepts that have been covered in the theory course MCS-012. The learner will try to apply the alternate ways to provide the solution to a given problem. The learner will be able to develop the logic for the given problem, recognize and understand the syntax and construction of Assembly language code, gains experience of Assembly language programming, know the steps involved in compiling, linking and debugging Assembly language Program.

Section 1 : Digital Logic Circuits

• Logic Gates Circuit Simulation Program
• Making a Logic Circuit Using Logic
• A Revisit of Steps of Logic Circuit Design
• Session-wise problems

Section 2 : Assembly Language Programming

• Assemblers O Turbo Assembler (TASM)
O MASM O Emu 8086
O The DEBUG Program
• Assembly Programming File
• Session-wise List of Programs

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