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This is one of the best institute for BOC Training. I recommend everyone should study from Ruchika Mam class and join her batch only, She is very knowledgeable and expert in this industry. She always explains the concepts very clearly and provides real life projects which helps to build a strong knowledge base, assignments given by him are excellent and very helpful to understand the concepts.

Prachi Gupta


I have got certified by Attitude Academy in Multimedia Expert course and I am very Thankful to Shiraz Haider sir & Team for supporting me. I am from Tamilnadu, taken Live classes & I have learnt successfully & got very good course material, Their teaching method is excellent, I would like to suggest everyone to join Attitude Academy.



This course taught me a lot about fashion illustration and about the areas I need to work on. I knew that fashion proportion was something I needed to improve on as I had been using templates for a while to compensate for my lack of skill, but I wanted to improve and do better. "Practice makes permanent", and with that I will continue working on figure drawing.

Reena raina


Excellent information, great examples and clearly explained. I am experienced in most Adobe products and design and still learning so much from this course. Highly recommended

Riya jain


It's perfect for beginners. In this course, you can learn how to improve your designs and give them a professional look! job support is great tool of attitude academy i love it.... thanks for helping me in my first job placement

savita mishra


I've been learning and working in graphic design for many years. I actually picked up so many tips to make my designs look better! I love that trainer is always saying the shortcuts and where to find certain things in the programs. I have never used Illustrator so it was pretty cool seeing that program in action. I really enjoyed the course and recommend it! thanks attitude academy

rohit baliyan


This course was really helpful for me and I have learned many new things with no doubts. Your way of teaching was really welcoming and I had no issue in understanding it. Thank you looking forward for your next lessons.

virat yadav


First time using Photoshop and had zero experience. This course was awesome and really helped you gain a good understanding of the tools and how they apply in different situations. I feel so much more confident using the program now. Great job!

Ranveer Rao


Had a great experience with the course, the classes touch upon both the functional and theoretical aspects of programming, and the care in responding to questions as well as obvious dedication to continue updating and improving the course are very motivating.

anand gandhi


Very professional. Honestly, this is about 2 courses worth of python in 1 course (in my opinion). Good pace, clear content, builds on each topic.

Preeti goel

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