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This course was one of few courses in python which i took. I must say nothing was more comprehensive and exhaustive like this. Attitude Academy goes into each and concept and talks about it in detail. At times it was overbearing but if you are able to complete it - you would have got valuable insights into the dynamics of python. I use this material as a reference. I am glad that i took this course! Thank you guys



THIS basic course really strong my foundation of computers. i want to thank sir for creating this course. A big ''THANK YOU'' .



This course was really amazing. The lecturer is amazing as im from east india. this was just amazing. i loved how encouraging the lecturer was during the course . Thank you soo much attitude academy



it is wonderful course by attitude academy! I am always having to ask for help doing ANYTHING on a computer! I am so excited to be here! thanks attitude academy you give what you commit and i need thanks again



It was a fantastic and wonderful experience while learning this and learnt many informations. It was very useful to gain knowledge and thank you for introducing this course......



Yes, This is the good session for me. I learned multiple things in this session like sentence formation, how can i used a,an,the articles and wh questions like where, who, what, how.....



I have rated 5 because the manner of attitude academy is trying to explain in nice, clear and motivated. In first call I have learned very basics and very important articles, which I rare used in speaking. I was very hesitated to speak in English in front of anyone but after todays class I gained some hope and confidence. Thank you attitude academy

vaibhav gaur


i joined the english speaking course because i wanted to learn english properly and improve my level of english .when i joined udemy ,i experienced a lot of thing and i gained a lot of knowledge about english. i got confidence too and now i am able to speak english .

ankit sharma


I can say this course is amazing and I think my English is better and I look forward to continue next English level.

Ali Zafar


I am very happy to enrol this course. My skills have improved by leaps and bounds on completing this course. In this course like all 2D tools covered and supporting material are there. Thank you so much for making this course.

utkarsh singh Bais

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