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Counselling Sessions

S. No. Counselling Sessions Number of Sessions Comments
1. Theory Sessions 5 Two sessions each on first two Blocks and one session on Block 3 & 4
2. Practical Sessions 2 These two practical sessions may be used for solving assignment problems. These sessions are not compulsory.

Session Details

Session Type Number of Sessions Block to be Covered Topics to be covered
Theory Counselling Block-1 Block 1: Unit 1 and Unit 2 The Database system, structure of a database, three level Architecture of databases and its importance, the relational model, the entity relationship model, conversion of ER diagrams to Relational Database.
Theory Counselling 2 Block 1: Unit 3 and Unit 4 The concepts of integrity, referential integrity, functional dependency, the normal forms till BCNF, sequential file organization, indexes, index and B tree, multi key file organization.
Theory Counselling 3 Block 2: Unit 1 The Structured Query Language: data definition and manipulation commands, views, nested queries, examples
Theory Counselling 4 Block 2: Unit 2, Unit 3 and Unit 4 Transactions, concurrency related problems and control, locks, two phase locking, deadlock. Database recovery techniques, security and integrity, authorization, data access control, The need and advantages of the distributed and client server database systems, data replication and fragmentation, distributed queries.
Theory Counselling 5 Block 3 and Block 4 Discuss the various issues on the case studies of these blocks. Suggest how these studies can be improved.
Practical Sessions 1&2 Assignment Problem Design, implement and test the MCS 023 assignment problem.

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