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Complete BUSY e-Book

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To help you explain all about BUSY computation in BUSY software, we have designed an e-Book. It is in PDF format and you can easily download it future read. In this e-Book, we take a closer visual examination at what is BUSY. So go ahead and download our BUSY E-book now.

In this E-book, we are covering the following topic of Busy18:
1. Basics Of Accounting
2. Fundamentals of Busy18
3. Create Accounting Masters in Busy18
4. Accounting Vouchers
5. Financial Statements and Accounting Books & Reports
6. Creating Inventory Masters in Busy18
7. Inventory Vouchers
8. Generating Inventory Books & Reports
9. Multilingual Capabilities
10. Technological Advantages of Busy18
11. Basic Inventory
12. Application Management
13. Online Help and Support
14. Bill-wise Details
15. Cost Centres and Cost Categories
16. Voucher Classes
17. Multiple Currencies
18. Interest Calculations
19. Budget & Controls
20. Scenario Management
21. Banking
22. Order Processing
23. Multiple Price Level
24. Tracking Numbers
25. Batch – wise Details
26. Additional Cost Details
27. Bill of Materials (BoM)
28. Price Levels and Price Lists
29. Stock Valuation
30. Zero Valued Entries

And More.....

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