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Counselling Sessions

S. No. Counselling Sessions Number of Sessions Comments
1. Theory Sessions 8 Two sessions on each Block
2. Practical Sessions 2 These two practical sessions may be used for solving assignment problems. These sessions are not compulsory.

Session Details

Session Type Number of Sessions Block to be Covered Topics to be covered
Theory Counselling 1 Block 1, Unit 1 and Unit 2 Graphical User Interface and Introduction to Operating System
Theory Counselling 2 Block 1, Unit 3 and Unit 4 Introduction to Networking concept and Internetworking: Concept, Architecture and Protocols
Theory Counselling 3 Block 2, Unit 1, Unit2 and Unit 3 Introduction to Linux OS, Linux Commands and Utilities, Editor
Theory Counselling 4 Block 2, Unit 4 and Unit 5 Different types of I/O operations in java including files handling. String and StringBuffer classes and their methods.User to User Communication and Unix System Administration
Theory Counselling 5 Block 3, Unit 1 and Unit 2 Windows 2000 Network