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GST in Tally.ERP9

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To help you explain all about GST in Tally ERP9, we have designed a GST e-Book. It is in PDF format and easily downloadable You can read it online or download it for future read. In this e-Book, we take a closer visual examination at what is GST in Tally ERP9. By downloading this e-Book online, students may get lots of hidden information of GST and get the opportunity to do something worth while in their accounting career. So go ahead and download our GST in Tally ERP9 E-book/PDF now.
In this E-book, we are covering the following topic of GST in Tally ERP9:
1. Upgrading to Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.3.2
2. Start Using Tally.ERP 9 for GST Compliance
3. Activating GST for Your Company
4. Setting Up GST Rates
5. Updating Stock Items and Stock Groups for GST Compliance
6. Updating a Service Ledger for GST Compliance
7. Updating Sales and Purchase Ledgers for GST Compliance
8. Updating Party GSTIN.
9. Creating GST Ledgers
10. Creating Income and Expense Ledgers
11. Recording Sales and Printing Invoices
12. Recording Purchases
13. Recording a Tax Payment
14. Transferring Tax Credits of VAT, excise and service tax to GST
15. Other Scenarios
16. Sales - Nil Rated, Exempt, SEZ, and Deemed Export
17. Recording Sales Returns
18. Recording Purchase Returns
19. Recording Export Sales
20. Reverse Charge under GST
21. Recording an Advance Receipt from Customer
22. Recording an Advance Payment to Supplier
23. Recording Journal Vouchers for Adjustments Against Tax Credit
24. GSTR-1,2,3
25. Returns Summary
26. Particulars (Computation Details)
27. Table-wise GSTR-1,2,3
28. Challan Reconciliation

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