7 Reasons Why You Should choose Fashion Designing as carrier option

What is Fashion Designing? Fashion designing is the process of creating clothing, accessories, and other fashion items by combining artistic and technical skills, creativity, and knowledge of fashion trends and consumer preferences. It involves designing and producing garments that are not only visually appealing but also functional, comfortable, and marketable. Top 7 Reasons to choose…

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Digital Marketing Any marketing effort that uses online platforms to reach consumers is referred to as digital marketing. It enables you to connect with your target audience wherever they choose to spend their internet time.   What is SEO in digital marketing SEO plays a critical role in digital marketing as it helps websites rank…

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5 Ways to update your Resume/Curriculum Vitae for the College Graduate

A resume aka ‘Curriculum Vitae’ or ‘CV’ is the very first thing, which you submit to the hiring person for applying any kind of job. We all know that first impression is the last impression for judging someone’s personality or image. So, your Resume or Curriculum Vitae is the first impression you leave to the…

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Time Management: Tools to Increase Productivity as a student through Attitude Academy

Time management is an important key to complete or achieve any kind of task or activity or goal on time with the prioritization. Attitude Academy believes that Time management is the part of skills, which is required in the field of any kind of work like job, school, business etc. It says that “Time management”…

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Income Tax New Slab Rate 2020-21

Income Tax New Slab Rate 2020-21 | India Ka Budget 2020-21

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a symbolic cut in the tax rates for the salaried class in her Budget speech, provided they forgo existing exemptions. This also attendant in a new tax regime where the taxpayer has the option of taking new rates without exemptions or sticking to old rates with exemptions. New income…

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16 Confidence-Building Activities

16 Confidence Building Tips and Tricks – Attitude Academy

1. Do something 2. Walk tall, smile, and look others in the eyes. 3. Each day, create one small task to stretch beyond your comfort zone. 4. Do something unexpected on purpose to let go of your inhibitions. 5. Seek out uncomfortable situations to help you grow.  6. Create a good self-image 7. Be positive…

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10 Points to Remember While Choosing Your Career

10 Points to Remember While Choosing Your Job Career

One of the hardest things that understudies (and every other person!) need to do is pick a career way. There are such a large number of choices, and there is a great deal of pressure to guarantee that you are settling on the correct decision for you. Numerous people feel like this choice is something…

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34 Critical Tips & Tricks for your Next Job Interview

COMMON NON-VERBAL MISTAKES MADE DURING JOB INTERVIEWS ARE FOLLOWING: 67% Fail to make eye contact 47% Have little knowledge of the company 38% Don’t smile 33% Have bad posture 33% Fidget too much 26% Have weak handshake 21% Cross their arms over their chest 21% Play with their hair or touch their face 9% Use…

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ATTITUDE Smart Courses

ATTITUDE Smart Courses हम सब में कोई न कोई टैलेंट होता है और वही टैलेंट बनाता है हमारी लाइफ को सफल / आपके इसी टैलेंट को पहचानने और उसे चमकाने के लिए ATTITUDE ACADEMY लेकर आये है ATTITUDE Smart Courses . हमारे ट्रेनर्स देंगे सलाह आपके टैलेंट और जरुरत के अनुसार जिससे आपको मिलेगा एक…

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