July 21, 2024

Time Management: Tools to Increase Productivity as a student through Attitude Academy

Time management is an important key to complete or achieve any kind of task or activity or goal on time with the prioritization.

Attitude Academy believes that Time management is the part of skills, which is required in the field of any kind of work like job, school, business etc. It says that “Time management” is an art or talent to organize our work with prioritization to complete any kind of task/work on time and you can keep your personal and professional life without stress easily.

Attitude Academy always emphasizes on the student’s personality development and behavioral skills. With such skills, we need to also focus on time management skills to be professional to increase our productivity as a student/person/employee/businessperson etc. You need to prioritize or organize your work, so it will help you to work smarter than harder without having any level of pressure.

The process of planning, organizing the work with focus and prioritization to completion of that specific work on time can help you become skilled person in Time Management skill.There are a lot of areas that helps in the growth of student’s skills and personality. Like studying, preparing for exam,participating in extra curriculum activities, sleeping enough, having proper food,playing different kind of games. Games are also important for helping students to grow mentally and physically. So, as a student, we need to organize our time according to our all activities and work for making our life easier that will help to increase the productivity.

Here at Attitude Academy, you get 8 Time Management Tools to increase productivity as a student:


  1. Prioritization of work:

You need to be specific and clear on what you need to do first in the order of your work list; it is Time Management’s first tool.

According to priority we can schedule our all activities then identify the urgent work and note it, which we need to complete in short period of time. On regular basis, prioritization is must for completing any kind of task in the life. It helps to reduce our stress to complete the work on time.

For example: if we have an invitation from a party and have an exam on the same day, then we need to understand our priority here. We need to prioritize what is more important for us. Party or Exam?


  1. Planning in advance:

We at Attitude Academy believe that “Planning”helps you in your daily life as well as professional/school life.Planning is the main key in the time management tools, which provides clarity about how to complete the task by following the process that you have planned for.

For example: if we are going to attend any party, we need to plan our day accordingly. So, plan your day in advance, so you can enjoy the party as well as completion of the work related to your study/office/business through this time management tool.

  1. Focus or concentrate on the work:

When we do a work of our interest, we do it happily and find easy to do the work. Sometimes, we have to do a work that we do not like and get distracted to other things.

Attitude Academy recommends to concentrate on your work and never feel distracted or stuck in something else during your work time.It is your responsibility to complete the work you’ve been assigned to so focus on that particular work and complete it on time to increase your productivity.

  1. Scheduling the time and work:

Attitude Academy believes in scheduling your time for your work. As you are aware about your daily routine and work, you can make a schedule for each and every work after the prioritization of the work and stick to it.

  1. Organization is must:

If you organize your work, you can accomplish/complete your work quickly and in an efficient way.We at Attitude Academy believe in doing a work in organized manner. When your things are organized you find it easy to look for the things you want. With organization of work, you also get to know how much work you have left to do and this also helps in speeding up your progress in the work.

For example: If you work on computer system, some people organize their files in different folders like; Desktop, Documents etc. So, it helps them to find or access the files in the easiest way.

  1. Time bound:

Keep your deadline of the work in your mind. It will help you to increase your productivity in the work. Time is the word which completes the meaning of “Time Management”.

If we set the time and stick to it, we’ll accomplish our tasks in the given time.

For example: There is always a last date for submission of form to participate in any audition or take admission into a school/college. If you miss the last date and don’t submit the form within the given time period, you are not eligible to participate in the audition or take admission in the school/college.

So, always stick to the time and complete your work within the time frame.

  1. Take a break:

Attitude Academy prefers that you should take small break during your work, if you want to work freely and creatively.It will help you for getting refresh. Always include short breaks while working.

Taking short breaks during studies increases the productivity of student in studying more effectively.

  1. Sleep enough:

Attitude Academy says, we get day time only for doing work and night time for sleeping to relax our body and mind. And based upon our sleeping habits, we can concentrate on our work. Your body needs 7 to 8 hours sleep.

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