May 19, 2024

5 Ways to update your Resume/Curriculum Vitae for the College Graduate

A resume aka ‘Curriculum Vitae’ or ‘CV’ is the very first thing, which you submit to the hiring person for applying any kind of job. We all know that first impression is the last impression for judging someone’s personality or image. So, your Resume or Curriculum Vitae is the first impression you leave to the hiring person when you apply for a job.

Through Attitude Academy’s perception, Resume is the very first medium to communicate with employer/interviewer, before meeting to you.Your resume should relate to the type of job you are looking for.

If we talk about the college graduates, in this era, we don’t have professional work experience. Somehow, we are ready to do this after gaining lots of knowledge from our education/college.

A Resume includes a brief introduction about you and your personality in professional or formal way.

Here, we introduce our 5 Ways to update Resume for the college graduates:

  1. Update your Contact Information:

Your Contact Information is very important in your resume so that recruiter/employer can easily connect with you to discuss about the open job opportunity. Anytime you change your contact details, make sure you update it in your resume.

What to include in Contact Information?

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail Address

Add only the required contact details. Adding 2 contact numbers and 1 email ID will be enough. You do not need to add all the contact numbers and email IDs you have.

Add your contacting details at the top of the page on your Resume. It may be right after your name or at the top right side of the page.

  1. Leave the Career Objective section in the Resume:

Attitude Academy believes that “Career Objective” section should be expressed during face to face interaction at the time of interview.

As a fresh college graduate you are open to multiple job profiles so there is no need to add this section in the Resume for college graduates. If you want to add Career Objective, you can add something valuable information like your qualification or any work related experience.

  1. Add your work experience or internship experience:

If you have been working as part time with your studies for a while, it is good to add this work experience in your resume. You should also add any internship you have done during your studies.

You should always include your work related experience to show your skills to the employer.

  1. Update your all relevant qualifications:

With your graduation degree, you should do a training or course may be online or joining a training institute. Adding a certification or workshop related to the skills required as per current market will add value to your resume.

For example: You can do a training on Python or Artificial Intelligence and add these to your resume.

  1. Add your Soft Skills with appropriate keywords:

Attitude Academy believes Soft Skills show your ability and personality. Adding soft skills on your resume will help the employer know more about your behavioral skills and attitude towards work.

Below are few keywords that you can use to add in your resume to show your soft skills.

  • Work ethics
  • Flexibilities/Adaptabilities
  • Interpersonal Skills: Interaction with others with manner
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Customer Service
  • Active Listening

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