June 23, 2024
16 Confidence-Building Activities

16 Confidence Building Tips and Tricks – Attitude Academy

1. Do something

2. Walk tall, smile, and look others in the eyes.

smile face

3. Each day, create one small task to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

4. Do something unexpected on purpose to let go of your inhibitions.

5. Seek out uncomfortable situations to help you grow.

 6. Create a good self-image

be possible

7. Be positive

 8. Speak slowly and distinctly.

 9. Study your expertise daily

10. Achieve small, easy-to-attain goals to help you feel successful.

Be positive

11. Change one small habit daily

12. At the end of the day, write down five things you are grateful for.

13. Deciliter your living and work space.

14. Exercise.

15. Try a new path.


16. Be nice to others.

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