April 20, 2024
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Steps to perform better at public speaking

1.Undoubtedly, public speaking is an art. It is pure luck, if one is a gifted public speaker naturally yet, public speaking as an art can be acquired with the right kinds of efforts that are put into it. First and four most requirement of public speaking is confidence. One should have the courage to speak his lines before others or an audience. Sometimes confidence in a speaker can be easily detected when one is at a very young age. However, the key to confidence is to promote public speaking at a young age so that one becomes better as one grows up. Parents play an important role in encouraging their children to speak confidently right from a young age.

2.Public speaking involves relevance of subject or topic on which one is speaking. One can attempt good public speaking only when has adequate knowledge about the subject of the talk. Here, a good general knowledge also becomes an advantage as a public speaker. Good subjective knowledge on part of the speaker creates interest among the audience and leads to keen listening.

3.Public speaking can be bettered by using spontaneity and innovation to improve speaking on the spot. One needs to improvise at sudden times to pot across a point effectively. Also, spontaneity brings freshness and a natural flavor to the speech. Our speech does not sound rehearsed or boring due to this quality.

4.A rehearsal or trial before the actual real speech actually goes a long way in performing well during public speaking. One can run one’s speech before close friends or interested listeners to assess its effect. Sometimes our audience during trials provides relevant tips and suggestion that can make a difference to our speech.

5.Public speaking involves a lot of mental calm and control over one’s nerves. The best of public speakers can fall a prey to nervousness unless they control their emotions. Hence, one needs to achieve a certain level of calm before finally going on the stage. Here, the before – mentioned factors such as confidence and griped over once subject play a crucial role. If one knows certainly what one is going to speak about, the outcome would be but good and effective.

6.Last but not the least speech tactics like the right kind of intonation, the art of introducing suitable pauses while speaking and forming a connect with one’s audience go a long way in making and effective speech. Intonation plays a very important role in speaking as it creates the right sound effects. It helps in explaining a point. A good eye – contact during public speaking can also play an important role in creating a right connect with the audience.

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