February 25, 2024

5 idiotic resume mistakes that can cost you the job.

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  2. 1.Bad basics

Grammar fault, spelling errors, unformatted text are some of the basic mistakes but dangerous sufficient to cost you your dream job. Give some extra time, read and re-read your resumes before pressing the send button.

  1. 2.Too short or too long

1-2 page is what makes for an excellent resume, basis the interval of work experience. While a long resume is debilitate for recruiters to scan through the applicable things, very short resume gives out nothing considerable to a recruiter to assess.

  1. 3.Too much of skills

You can’t be good at everything and anything relevant to your job profile and the recruiter knows that too. So, it is irrelevant and a waste of time to fill your resume bragging about all the experience sets required to do the definite job. It does more bad than good to your chances of getting an interview call.

  1. 4.Using shorthand

While the Whatsapp generation has a obsession of using short forms, it doesn’t look good in a resume. It is a professional document and should be conduct like one. Short forms puts off recruiters and it makes it difficult for them scan through and assimilate the relevant information from the resume.

5.Incorrect contact information

This is the childish thing one can do but recruiters say they find many resumes on a daily basis with flawed contact information. Most times people forget to update their resumes to include their most recent contact information and also doing have a experienced sounding email address.

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