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Before talking about features of personality development, Attitude Academy wants to grab your attention and make you clear about concept on personality.

What is Personality?

Personality: The personality reveals about the character, behavior, thoughts, feeling, attitude of the person with the person’s appearance.

Attitude Academy says that Personality is the amalgamation of various types of qualities, behavior and appearance, make every person unique. It shows the character and image of the person.

These aspects of personality come by the ongoing particular environment, where you stay and live for long time and adapt the temperament, characteristics, attitude, rituals like how to wear clothes.

Now come to “Personality development”, it is the process of enhancing skills the inner qualities with appearance of person. Here we can say “all round personality”.

In Personality development, we come across:

  • Fluency in English
  • Grooming
  • Good looks
  • Behavior
  • Right attitude towards your work and personal life.
  • Body language
  • Your own subject knowledge
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Open to learn

When we say or appreciate anyone’s qualities by calling his/her with good personality, that means we are talking about his/her looks, the way of thinking, interesting means positive and creative, manner-able, pleasant personality.

Everyone wants to be attractive by the looks and interaction. Somehow we only focus on good looks and expensive clothes but we always like to have people whom we can believe, who are having amalgamation of all the good aspects of personality.

But when it comes to development or enhancement of personality, then we only think on looks, looks and looks.

Now let’s see the six features that Attitude Academy has here to add in your personality:

  1. Be a confident person: A confident person can face any situation whether it is crucial or easy.

Being confident person means trust on yourself and your abilities, that can remind you about you and your positive qualities and you can get success through it. It’s very essential feature that you must include in your personality.

Confidence shows by your talking style, proper eye contact, sitting postures etc. Attitude Academy says, if you aren’t aware about anything but you want to look confident enough that you can do it by your learning and will stand on your feet, that is your confidence upon your abilities and your self- trust with positive attitude towards your career

  1. Communication skills/ Be a good conversationalist:

This skill is very important for talking to others and it also adds the spark in your personality.

Communication skills is required for all types of jobs, business and you should add this feature in your personality development.

Be a good reader and learner. You can build good conversation by good knowledge of any content for that you need to work on more reading and learning.

Learning can be improved by exchanging thoughts with people.

Skills which are required for being a good conversational or for communication skills betterment:

  • good listening skills,
  • good speaking skills, “you can make clear statement without creating misunderstanding.
  • Proper eye contact, that shows you are paying attention to speaker.
  • Facial Expressions, Nodding head.
  • Body language
  1. Treating people with respect: Treating people with respect is positive attitude towards others just like your respect. As we know that gratitude is the right attitude.

Be polite, be active listener, don’t ignore people by showing improper body language towards other people and connect to them with emotions.

  1. Read, learn more and expand your interest: More and more “Reading” and “Learning” can expand or develop your interest in your interest as well as in other areas.

When you go to somewhere, meet with new people then exchange your thoughts with them. That helps you knowing something new and slowly you can build up your knowledge in various perspective.

  1. Be yourself and spontaneous: Don’t forget your own unique quality for developing personality, that unique quality makes you special or different from others.

Make the spontaneous decision sometimes, it creates some fun and excitement and do it without having confusion in your life which is required to do something new in life.

  1. Stay enthusiastic and learn to let it go: Being happy in your life and learning from the experience are easiest and stress free way of living life.

Always remember that nobody is perfect in their life so, don’t get afraid from making mistakes. Even if you make mistake, you’ll learn from it and it will help you to manage the worst situations.

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  1. Shabina

    It’s a great thought . And this is very helpful for me good things. Good ideas. And this academy is very helpful for all learning part to make your future .
    Thank you to attitude academy. And all trainers . Thank you so much

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