February 25, 2024
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Importance of English in Employment & in Career

The significance of communication present era of corporate world is indispensable. Given the fact English is the most commonly accepted language in the world, English has emerged as an asset to rise though the ranks . A person who is well trained in English language can contribute towards his work effectively in the world at larger scale efficiency can easily excel in the business world since he is capable of conveying the technical skills he has adopted with a good impact. English can really help us in cementing better job opportunities as compared to someone who has command in technical skills only.

Given that we are citizens of India where English is not a native language, having a good command of English language can increase countless chances for everyone In India, English has proven its role of the official language which augments its utility importantly . Before moving forward into the professional world, you ought to have fairly good communication skills in the English language to clear your interviews. Making a good first impression is crucial in the job interviews. So, being able to talk in the English language will give you an advantage in your job interviews. Spoken English course is needed in almost every field in the market.

Jobs of Sales and Marketing
Command in English language is a basic requirement for the jobs in Sales and Marketing field. With the increasing utility of English language among the current people of India it is necessary for advertising companies to promote their campaigns in English. Most of the digital marketing is also performed in English so improving your language skills will secure good chances in this field.

Jobs of Ambassadorship:
Jobs that are related to the representation requires a good grasp on English language skills. If you are looking forward to getting a job in this area , your spoken English should be very effective and facile because in this field a healthy communication is needed.

Jobs of Managerial activities..
The jobs that are related to the ground of management need basic to higher level English skills according to the nature of the job. It is very important for someone in the team leadership to have English with an effective manner while for someone in the basic office management should be able to reciprocate with basic command of English language.

Jobs of Writing
Job that is related to editing or the jobs in the field of Journalism seeks for advanced writing skills. For working in newspaper/magazine industry, you must emphasize on your reading and writing skills especially along with the basic level speaking ability.
Jobs of teaching.

Jobs of the teaching arena demands impact making communication at all levels. A teacher has to be expert at English speaking skills for reciprocating his message to the students.

Jobs of bpo’s
Call center jobs are speaking center If you are looking forward to getting the job in the call center arena, then start improving your English speaking skills along with basic level writing skills. Writing skills will also be required to the level of understanding and answering to an email.

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