“My problem that is my partner a good speaker according to me, So i m not comfortable with my partner”

Therefore, I m Forever Alone.

“Okay”, maybe you’re not forever Alonebut right now you need to practice English alone.


How can you practice speaking English without anybody else to help you? Click Here

improve spoken english with out parnner

Following  this Topices     à     No speaking partner? No problem!


1. Think in English.                                     8. Sing along to English songs.

2. Talk to yourself.                                        9. Learn word forms with new words.

3. Use a mirror.                                             10. Learn phrases, not words.

4. Focus on fluency, not grammar.           11. Learn your most common sayings.

5. Try some tongue twisters.                      12. Prepare for specific situations.

6. Listen and repeat.                                    13. Relax!

7. Pay attention to stressed sounds.   14. Tell a story from your language in English.

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