July 21, 2024
6 reason to learn english

6 reasons to learn English for your Bright Future

  1. English a medium of communication we presently occupy a world which resembles a global village. Issues and matters are not confined to just one nation or neighboring countries but rather concerned all the nations together. Hence, there is a need of a common medium of communication and here English as an international language place a very crucial role. Not only is it comprehended by most of the people across the globe but is also useful in international trading and business goals. 
  2. English has an essential quality of being a language of the elite – this language has a soft quality to it which renders even the harshest of words soft.  As a result, this language can be effectively used for formal communication and in all spheres of life demanding discipline and decorum.
  3. It is a language which should be learnt for its simplicity – it is a tense based language and conveys time – past, present and future. Hence, it can be used to express varied expressions very easily. Storytelling and drama recitation assume new and interesting forms with the help of this language.
  4. Learning of any language is directly or indirectly connected the learning the culture of the country to which the language belongs. English is primarily the language of the British and by learning this language one can profit from learning the best things about the British culture and benefiting from there progressive ways.
  5. The English language is blessed with a vast repertoire of vocabulary, comprehensive proverbs and phrases. The use of this language makes a person sound, learned and sophisticated. A good knowledge of English is an important aspect of personality development.
  6. Last but not the least, good learning of English shell enable access to the vast literature written in English which are enriching and entertaining. Good Indian as well as international writers often prefer to write in English and the younger generation can consult these writings with the help of a good knowledge of English.

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