March 1, 2024
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5 Steps to Pronunciation Better In English Through Attitude Academy

Attitude Academy understands your problems regarding “Speaking in English” and so we are again here to help you sound better in English. That means “accurate pronunciation is an essential section/part in English language”, and it comes with lots of practice.

Here we will talk about how to improve English pronunciation, Voice pitch and Accent.

People are suffering from these problems and working on their pronunciation. They know English, they understand well but are not able to speak in correct way, just because of their native language environment.

Therefore, here Attitude Academy is sharing with you “5 steps to sound better in English”:

1. Imitate Native speaker/Expert:

English native speaker means, who learns and speak English language since his/her childhood or early. So, imitate them for practicing and learning in accurate pronunciation, accent and voice pitch.

Few tips for imitating Expert/English native speaker:

  • Watch video and then mimic the actors/actresses in English dialogues: Watch movie, YouTube, or anything whom you think is your ideal person or expert for you. Thereafter mimic their dialogues and do it on regular basis for making your English sound better.
  • Make your own video for checking the correct pronunciation: As we mentioned above about recording video, record your own voice and then see the changes in yourself by practicing again and again.


2.  Sing Songs Alone for Good Pronunciation

Singing is the best and entertaining idea that makes you feel interested in learning and making your sound better in English. And it will also help your mind feel relaxed.

  • Focus on “Listening Skills” and pay attention towards the speaker:
  • Pay attention towards speaker: When you watch or listen to someone, ”try to focus on that and then try to do the same thing with your pronunciation.
  • Pay attention on intonation: Intonation is the essence of the language. When we are happy, our face looks beautiful without saying anything as same when we share our emotions through voice, it comes with same vibes. Like sadness, anger, confusion, frustration etc. 

2. Listen Yourself

Listen to your speech. It’s quite difficult to hear your own voice’s errors while speaking, just because we only pay attention on the conversations rather than the sound what we are making. So, try to make the audio/video recording practice as we’d mentioned earlier.

3. Speak Slow Down  and  Pronunciation Right Words 

People think that “Fluent English” speaker means fast speaking. It can make you nervous and break your confidence. So, speak slowly and give time to your brain for thinking and then speak. It will build up your confidence as well make the sound better while you speak.


4. Practice alone

For initial days, start practicing alone because we are afraid from making mistakes in front of people so it’s better to practice alone and when you feel comfortable with pronunciation, then you can start speaking with others.

  • Take breathe and speak with smile: Taking appropriate breath will lower your nervousness towards speaking and make you more confident. Try to stretch, move and open your mouth with some exercise for your mouth muscles: Stretching exercise with your mouth will help you making accurate pronunciation with your voice. Concentrate on various types of sound for speaking on regular basis.

5. Tongue twister:

Tongue twister exercise helps to reduce pronunciation issues and make your voice clearer and shows that which sound is more difficult for you and according to your difficult words, letters you can do practice for improvement, for example: sh, sss etc.

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