May 19, 2024
Overcome Hesitation in Meeting

Six Best Ways to Overcome Hesitation in Meeting

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1. Let go of pre-meeting anxiety: Pre-meeting anxiety can result in trembling hands, rats performing somersault in your stomach, sweaty palms and what not. It’s common to go through all such  uneasiness before a meeting. But instead of thinking of your anxiety as a sign that you’re not up to the mark , consider it as a sign that you are absolutely ready to bang on.

2. It might feel that arriving at the meeting spot right before it begins will help to avoid small talk with your counterparts and hence make it less awkward. However this will only build up your existing stress as you could feel that you are running short on time. Instead, reaching at the spot before time and making yourself comfortable in the surroundings would help you to carry on the  meeting with more ease.

3. Push yourself to speak up early. No matter how well you would’ve prepared before hand for the meeting, if you don’t put out your thoughts in front of your colleagues early , it would go on getting difficult to enter the conversation as the meeting would proceed. Set in your mind the questions and arguments that you are going to put forward and the rest of the conversation would build up on its own.

4. You don’t have to be the loudest in the room. Just putting forward Pre planned questions and arguments won’t help. Learn to observe and listen attentively. Paying attention to your colleagues’ arguments will pave way for your brain to think things differently and give rise to new and powerful questions in your brain. You raising questions which no one have thought of before ,will leave a good impression on your superiors.

 5. Keep a note of the important arguments and discussions that took place in the meeting. Get some more research done on important arguments and carry it to the next meeting. It would give an impression that you are dedicated towards your work and would put you in limelight. Also it would boost your confidence as you would be well- versed than your other counterparts.

6. Speak up! – 

Unlike your counterparts, it might not be a comfortable environment for you. You might give second thoughts to whatever you speak or do. Fear and anxiety might creep in your head. Certain co- workers might dominate the discussion , not allowing you to get a word. Whatever may be the case, sitting frozen throughout the meeting is not the answer. If you want to get ahead, it’s important to make your voice heard. You’ve worked hard and have great ideas to contribute. Get hold of your fear and begin by saying something small but significant. You’ve got a lot to offer—now it’s time to let everyone know it.

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