June 21, 2024
6 Best steps to learn Vocabulary

6 Best steps to learn Vocabulary

Vocabulary plays most important part in your speaking language, Today Attitude Academy wants to have discussion on “6 best steps to learn vocabulary” for making your English speaking and writing more effective.

A perfect vocabulary is one of the essential tool in writing, speaking along with grammar, pronunciation and intonation. It can make your writing and speaking skills more powerful and effective.

So, let’s move on to 6 major steps to learn vocabulary:

1.Use a word immediately whenever you learn new one:

Every day, use the words you learn recently. Try to include new words in your conversation, email, text and repeat the words as much as you can. This technique helps you to remember words with its proper articulation.

Keeping this practice of using words immediately after learning, it will become your habit using new words. This will improve your command on the language and also your personality as a speaker.

2.Make your own Word Wall:

When you learn new words daily or weekly, make a note of it in a column or page that includes only these new words you’re learning. Such list of words is called Word Wall. You can always check your Word Wall to see how many words you have learned in a week or month.

Also, when you create a list the words, write one or two sentences using the word so that when you revisit the words, you can also check the sentences to remind you the meaning.

3.Download dictionary and Thesaurus apps:

Learn new word by everyday activities like reading or listening with the help of dictionary and thesaurus apps, it will be helpful.

For example; whenever you find new word in any conversation, while watching shows or movie or anything else in your day to day activities that time you can check the meaning without getting in trouble or getting too late.

4.Learn it from roots:

Learn every word by its roots, because English words have different meaning with same word or spelling. You can use several synonyms for one meaning and few words means similar but are used in different situations. Once you are clear in word meaning by its roots then you can learn more words smoothly.

5.Develop practical vocabulary by your own writing:

Practical: This word is clear by its meaning and you will have lots of learning by doing regular practice.

Try to develop your own practical vocabulary by writing on a regular basis, that expresses your thoughts to words by writing.

6.Play word puzzles:

Play word puzzles game in English through newspapers, apps, magazines and other mediums. It’s very challenging for mind or brain and it can sharp the memory card of your brain.

You can also use your notepad to create and play word making games.

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