How to learn english at home

Improving English language at home is the most challenging part for students. But don’t worry, Attitude Academy is available for your help and solve this problem to improve English language at home with some interesting ways.

English is an international language, which we want to learn quickly so that we can achieve our goal for our bright future easily in our professional life as well in personal life.

Few people think, “Why is it important?”. It increases our income, provides more respect in society, professional life, upgrade the skills more, makes travel easier for us across the world, remove the communication gap, helps in socializing with people, required in media and entertainment as well as work.

Attitude Academy is introducing 5 Ways to improve English at home:

Atmosphere/Environment: Attitude Academy says that “Atmosphere/Environment” is must for learning or improving any language at home so you need to create environment for English, surround yourself in English to give yourself more time in speaking.


Here are few tips to create an environment at home for improving English:


  • Find your partner at home: Create English environment to speak with your partner in English. You can choose anyone from your family, like – siblings, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather etc. and try to do some interesting activities/ games with your partner.

         For example – cracking jokes, playing interview, games or KBC etc. Make videos of your plays, it will help you to watch how you speak and understand where you make mistakes.

If nobody is ready to become your partner or your family member doesn’t have time for these activities, then you can become your partner. You can speak in front of mirror or you can make your own speech in a selfie video on any topic, take your own interview.


  • Speak in front of parents: When you tell something related to your studies or give speech presentation in front of parents, they will get impressed and be happy by seeing your improvement that can boost or build up your confidence and you’ll get more motivated towards your goal.
  • Sing songs in English: Try to sing English songs at home by practicing through YouTube.   

2. Online related activities:

Keep working on online related activities through internet. You can practice by doing these few activities, which leads through internet.

  • Mix with people for socialization: As Attitude Academy believes in various aspects of learning from different kind of people, from different countries, get to know about different countries and make friends through online chatting.
  • Join Online courses: We are aware that lots of courses are available on YouTube channels. Attitude Academy is also one of them that provides free of cost online classes on its YouTube channel.  
  • Listen English songs for singing practice.
  • Watch movies/serials/cartoons online with English subtitles.

3. Work on Reading:

Include reading as an important part for improving English at home. Read interesting things according to your choice and get to know about more content with knowledge.

You can include few things in your reading section:

  • Children’s books: Children’s books are amazing to read out and have easier words to understand for starting period of time.
  • Newspapers: You can read newspaper; it has various sections to read out according to your choice. Like: Bollywood section, Politics section, Jokes section, some stories related section, Jobs searching section etc.
  • Articles/Blogs: You can read Articles/Blogs, where you learn about anything. For example; Interview skills, Fashion related, Makeup related, Media related, Health related etc.
  • Novels: Lots of Novels are available in the book store or online, related to serious stories, mystery stories, Horrible stories, Ghost stories. It can build your interest in reading.

4. Write down new vocabularies:

When you read something and get to know about any new word or vocabulary, immediately note down that word on your notebook and use that word while speaking. 

5. Practice on reading, writing, speaking and listening in English daily

  • Reading: It helps to build your content and knowledge.
  • Writing: It helps to memorize the word and sentence framing with correct grammar.
  • Speaking: Speaking plays the major role in improving English for talking.
  • Listening: Listening practices help to pronounce the word correctly.


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