July 22, 2024
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To communicate clearly and confidently, adopt the habit of standing in a proper posture. Instead of sitting give you presentation or even while you practice on your own just stand ad go on, while communicating fill up the space you are given and  move around the space, maintain eye contact and these habit will bang on for your communication skills.

Here are 10 ways you can improve your communication skills in order to become a more effective leader in any field of your career. Spoken English course is needed in almost every field in the market.

  • SURROUND YOURSELF–  Always remember to improve yourself in any field, one needs a proper environment. If he will surround himself in the appropriate surroundings then he can learn passively. English environment will help you to improve or learn and then after analyzing all new words or existing words try to speak them in your own words.
  • SELECT GOALS– Goals are of two type short term goal and long term goals. In the starting start with short term then move to long term. To set your goals in English first focus only in speaking with keeping the regular track of grammar
  • ASK FOR HELP– Never afraid of taking someone’s help for your correction. If you have any doubts take the help of your teacher, friend or Google it. Make sure to clear your doubts in the specific time otherwise there is seventy to eighty percent of probability of forgetting your own doubts.
  • BOOKS OR MAGAZINES– Get a habit of reading English newspaper or some novels, for beginner’s start reading children’s books as it have easier words and a good alternative for understanding and applying.

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  • NEWSPAPER– Reading newspaper will help you to learn new words by which your vocabulary will improve. To learn and fix new vocabulary, use words for a week with all new sentences every time.
  • RECORDING– We all have smart phones now days, whenever you speak or talk keep your phone on recording or even then when you are sitting in some learning session. It will help you to identify your problem area and can correct your pronunciation.
  • KEEP RECORDS– Maintain a notebook or any other as a document, which shows your journey from where you had started to where be you now in your communication. It will motivate you and after sometime when you will go through your notebooks you will be definitely get shocked by seeing that how easy it was.
  • BE AN ACTIVE LISTENER– Active listener with their activeness can learn sixty to seventy percent of English because for spoken English or for good communication the listening power is must as it will help you to get more out of and help you to add on to your conversation.
  • CONCENTRATION– Before speaking anything take your few seconds to think and then speak. Taking time will help you to say accurate things. Keep the person in focus who is talking to you with your eyes and ears; might it help you to learn new words and also examine his body language so that you can apply it in your communication skills.
  • Try different ways– start with one way for learning, analyze your progress and then use the different ways to learn more. In that prefixes, suffixes, idioms, homophones, articles and more are includes.

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