April 20, 2024
How To Describe Yourself In A Job Interview?

How To Describe Yourself In A Job Interview?

A job interview is a structured conversation between interviewer and applicant.

Who is Employer or Interviewer? The person who is going to take your interview.

Who is Applicant or Interviewee? The person who is attending the interview to get job i.e. You

An interview can establish your further career so how you perform in front of the employer during the interview decides if you’ll be hired in the company or not.

You need to be focused on your performance during your job interview where the Interviewer may ask below mentioned questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why should we hire you in our company?
  3. Why do you want this job in our company?
  4. Why do you want to join our company?
  5. What is the reason of leaving your current job?
  6. What is your strength?
  7. What is your weakness?
  8. What are your goals for your future?
  9. Describe your last job profile and work?

Here Attitude Academy emphasizes on few tips related to above questions that you need to know about “How to describe yourself in a job Interview?”:

1.Clear and Concise: Brief your personal and professional information without stretching it with proper manner.

Tell me about yourself:

What do employers want to know? They want to know how you are a good fit for the job profile. So, keep your answer clear and concise. You should not be giving too much long or too much short personal and professional information. Add those qualities that make you different from others.

When you describe yourself in front of employers, you should include the skills like Leadership skills, Team work skills, Responsible, Management, Confidence, Communication skills etc.

2.Show Passion towards job/goal: Show your determination towards work.

Why should we hire you in our company?

Employers want to know if you are passionate for the work or not. Based upon your dedication or passion, they can judge your commitment towards achieving work goal. You should also do a research about the job profile you are applying for. You must have an idea about the kind of work you will do and connect it with the skills you have.

What are your goals for your future?

Through this question he wants to know about your stability of your work that comes with the question “Will you change the job if you get better opportunity in a short period of time”?

 3.Know about the company: Do research about the company for showing how ambitious you are for getting a job in the company.

Research on:

  • Company’s product
  • Company’s service
  • Company’s culture
  • Company’s mission
  • When Company has established?

Why do you want this job in our company? Why do you want join our company?

The reason, why employer ask these questions is your answers for such questions will show your desire to stay longer in the company. Company always prefer the candidates who wants can stay for a long term with the company.

4.Career Oriented: Always revert in straight stanza with specific vocabularies, without creating complications or mess for your new job.

Attitude Academy mentions below most focused skills when you get stuck into sensitive conversation:

  • Desire for change
  • Desire for taking more responsibilities with more learning
  • Believe in change
  • Want development in personal and professional skills

Sensitive topics like: Reason of leaving job, Gape in your education etc.

What is the reason of leaving your current job?

When this kind of question comes with intensity, then you should modify and convert into career oriented related only.

For example:

  • The job profile wasn’t fit for me and not relevant with my best skills.
  • Wasn’t good circumstance.
  • I want to explore and grow in other areas.

5.Discuss your qualities: Discuss your qualities/attributes of your personality with showing impressive communication skills.

What is your strength?

When we talk about strength that means the best quality for what you are famous or being famous in your personal and professional life style and what makes you different from others.

So, discuss your best qualities/attributes including your own experience.

It can be; focused, resourceful, skillful, hardworking with smartness, dedicated, open to learn, team work etc.

Describe your last job profile and work?

Show your plus points through previous experience as:

  • Customer service oriented
  • Performance focused person
  • Dedication towards your work
  • Talk about challenges; that provided you learning, improvement in your personality.

6.Turn negative points into positive: When you are asked for any kind of skill which connects with your negative impression then it’s in your hand how to respond to crack the interview in impressive way.

What is your weakness?

Here you can take U-turn like when you drive a car; You should admire employer question and give the reply to turn out negative into positive way.

For example: Let’s say, when you had started the career, you easily used to get panic/nervousness or language barrier but you worked on it and now you are confident person and manage your work very effectively.

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