June 23, 2024
Best 5 Movies to improve English

Best 5 Movies to improve English

Learning a language can be much easier when you enjoy learning it. The better way to pass the time is watching movie and without having stress, we can learn many more things through movies rather than books.

Attitude Academy understands students’ problems that they get bored after spending lot of time on studyingEnglish language books so, it’s better to utilize free time to watch movies in English.

Why should you improve English through movies?

Through watching movies, you can learn English and improve as well in a fun way than studying. Watching movies in English will improve your fluency in:

  • Actual English: Books/ Text books are great for learning grammar, but listening part is essential to speak like native English by watching movies.
  • Pronunciation: It is essence of language; the good impact comes by watching movies majorly on Pronunciation part.
  • Live Context: Through movie, you can learn new vocabulary, how to use it. That can help you to learn and remember with perfect use of the word effectively.

So, keeping these benefits in mind, The Attitude Academy is presenting 5 Best Movies to improve your English:

1.Toy Story (Released in 1995):

The Toy story is an animated movie, that is one of the most successful movies of all time. It is very easy to understand for improving English with entertainment. It has very simple vocabulary to make beginners understand clearly.

Tom Hanks has given voice of the main character Woody. There are 4 parts of Toy story, which are related to action, secret life of toys that come alive when nobody is there.

2.The King’s Speech (Released in 2010):

This movie has British pronunciation, which is based on how to speak English correctly. This is one of the biggest movies of the year.

A good movie where the king overcomes his various personal issues, especially in speaking English.

In this story he is having stammer problem, public speaking issues. He gets nervous when he comes into conversation with people. So, this is very inspiring movie to improve English and how it is possible.

This is based on true story of Queen Elizabeth’s father.

3.10 Things I hate about you (Released in 1999):

This has classic comedy and it helps to understand the American language accent and culture.

It is related to teenager’s life and it’s easy to understand language that is for everyday use. You will see different variety of vocabulary and slang in the American accent.

4.Forrest Gump (Released in 1994):

Forrest Gump is a comedy drama; It’s based on the 1986 novel – The Forest Gump.

This film is “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get” that comes by surprising treats, sometimes good or sometimes bad.

This is good movie to learn English as the speech is slow due to Forrest Gump’s mental problems and language that makes it easy us to understand the language. It also teaches you the history and culture of America.

5.Jurassic Park (Released in 1993):

It’s a great movie to increase your interest in Hollywood movies. It is one the best movies for its visual effects. It has little difficult and complex vocabulary.

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