Spoken English through newspaper

      Newspaper –  Aware yourself  and learn to be farsighted.

  • It enriches your vocabulary– to speak any language what we require is word knowledge which we can get by reading. Now-a- days when we don’t have much time to go to library, read novels and books then newspaper is an easiest option to rely on. Though we are too busy to read whole newspaper but in that case also reading headlines and an article in a day will fulfill the purpose. Headlines not only inform but have many interesting words hide in it which you can use in your language.


  • Improve your conversation skills by reading Tabloids– Yes, you heard it right! Tabloids, generally, use spoken English which we can use in our everyday conversation. If you are ready to invest 15 minutes of your time on it. Then in no time your conversation skills would become much better.


  • Enhance your voice and accent – In the today’s work culture, having spoken skills isn’t enough; you also need to work on your voice and accent which you can acquire just by reading newspaper loudly. One needs to perform this activity at least thrice a week.


  • Learn some phrasal verbs – What you speak matters a lot. As a beginner we have a habit to translate sentences and often we do it in a wrong manner. If we make our habit to read newspaper everyday so we get to know many phrasal verbs which beautify our sentences completely.

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