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  1. Review your Job Description
  2. Research the Company
  3. Weave your skills into your professional experience section
  4. Determine the appropriate resume format
  5. Create a separate skills section


it generally includes scope, purpose, responsibilities, duties, also Recruiter post the job description to get the accurate employee. employee should use job descriptions to understand their role and place in the company. it means working conditions of a job along with the job’s title, and the name or designation of the person to whom the employee reports.

Job description are not only the list of duties which has to be performed by an employee, basically it’s for day to day management and also job description behaves like a key document for both the recruiter and the employees. that is what kind of skills an employee should have for development of the company. But an and can judge accordingly that he or she is really apt for this profile or not.


Visit the company’s website, for reviewing the organization’s history, products, and services, management and also the information about company’s culture. Go through their press and employees section, doing the research it will help you to decide whether you want to work at that place where the employees get the initiative of their efforts or not and also they consider their employees as a family who work together for the growth of an organization.


While filling the space of skill section make sure to use only relevant words, which reflect the desired and the demanding skills. Whether you are a fresher or experienced these skills which a job seeker has should mention those skills which only go according to the job description and can learn many more technical skills from Attitude Academy.

Here are few skills which are in demand by the recruiter.

  • Leadership Skills- Leadership skill doesn’t only belongs as a power for leaders of the company or project. It’s a quality to motivate other team mates to complete the work to reach the shared or wanted goal for the growth of the company while working together.
  • Problem Solving Skills- This skill is highly valued in any role in the company. If someone is facing some work related problem then one can help the other. But in some case the problem solving skills needs some specific technical skills. 
  • Communication Skills- To commute with other person professionally and can convey the customer with their communication skills. Attitude Academy provides the smart job skills and personality development courses.

Technical Skills- Having the proper knowledge about any software comes into technical skills. There are n number of skills provided by Attitude Academy for example: Computer Skills, Software skills like CAD, AUTO CAD, 3D MAX, DIGITAL MARKETING, etc.; and accounting.


Basically there are three types of resume format.

Chronological resume format is mainly used by fresher in whom there are limited sections in which you have to describe about yourself and have limited space to mention job seekers skill.

Functional resume format in this format job seeker take the very less space for mentioning about them and the job seeker mainly focus to mention their skills. But the recruiter doesn’t entertain this format as it only discloses your personal ability or skills but most of them are not related to the job description.

Combined resume format is the combination of chronological and functional format. In this format job seeker mention their skill which are relevant to the job description and doesn’t only mention their experience but also mention how and how much project they had completed while doing their previous work.


Whether you are a fresher or experienced try to follow the, combined resume format and in this format divide the space into columns and select the positions of your skills according to the job description. Always start with professionally needed skills that are hard skill and then move on to the soft skills though soft skills are also mandatory as hard skill but increase the chances of getting selected follow the above pattern. 

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