Body language – While speaking one needs to be confident and attentive. Postures and gestures should be intact. Don’t shake/move your hands and legs unnecessarily.

  1. Optimistic approach – Having a positive approach make you stand at the right place. It releases your stress and gives you ample confidence to speak. It helps you to be enthusiastic while speaking which binds your listeners.
  2. Know your subject – It is essential to have good knowledge about your subject as well as where you’re going to speak. A good command over your subject helps you to be effectively transferring your ideas into words.
  3. Avoid using literature vocabulary – Generally, we try to include literary words while speaking which leaves you in jitters. Instead one should try to use those words which they know how to use.
  4. Avoid speaking too much – Yes, you heard it right, otherwise, it will land you in trouble and puts you in a baffle condition. It’s better to speak effectively when you are asked to keep your point.

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