May 19, 2024
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Importance Of English Language

The English language belongs to the Indo-European family of languages and has the greatest number of speakers in the world (around 369 million speak English as their first language and 898.4 million speak it as their second language). The first and primary global lingua franca is also the first world language, as said by many. Whether it is academics, business or any other field, English remains the primary language for research, activity, communication and much more!

Whether you want to study abroad, work, start a business or immigrate, English language skills (including reading, listening, communication and writing skills) are highly important. A leading English speaking course provider institution in India and Delhi will help you excel in examinations like IELTS (International English Language Testing System), and make you gain success in life. Below are some facts that will help you know why the English language is so important in the modern world.

An Interconnected Modern World

Globalization and liberalization of economies worldwide have resulted in an interconnected and interdependent world, and English is the primary language of this new world order. Because English is taught as a secondary language in many non-native English-speaking countries as well at both school and college level, the number of speakers of the language is increasing steadily. It is easy for you to interact with people and citizens across the world when you have proper English language skills. English is especially useful for business owners/employees and students, who can easily communicate with the interested (online and offline) and pursue their activities with ease through the use of the language.

Better Success in Life

Salaries and perks in jobs abroad are much higher and that is why many students, academics, and professionals move abroad for higher studies or work purposes. Your chances of getting a job and professional growth are better even in the countries including India (where English is an official language) when you have good skills in the language.

Easy to Learn

An English-speaking course in uttam nagar Delhi is now easily available at leading coaching institutes and prepare students for examinations including IELTS. The same is true of the other cities of India and the world. Resources for learning the language are also readily available both online and offline. The costs of learning the language are quite nominal, while the benefits the learners can reap are plentiful.

Enjoy Hollywood And English Music

Hollywood is the biggest entertainment industry in the world, and the majority of the best English movies are produced in the USA. English music lovers are also increasing, around the world, as more and more people start to study, understand and appreciate the language. When you want to see and enjoy many of the Academy Award-winning movies or wish to listen to the Grammy Award-winning music, you should have a good understanding of the English language.

Learning English will open up a whole new world for now, where you will get exposed to the latest in research (including business and academic research), entertainment and much more! You need to learn the language and be proficient in it if you live in countries like India, where English is gaining more prominence day by day, or wish to move abroad for work/study.

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