Improve Your Pronunciation

1.Your pronunciation and English accent won’t improve lest you put in efforts. Learning and changing pronunciation is very similar to learning a new skill. It won’t happen overnight. You need to invest time and effort into it.

2.The easiest way to improve your pronunciation is to start Listening. Paying attention to the way others speak and then paying attention to the way you speak. Don’t just pay attention to the meaning of what you are conveying. Understand the rhythm of English language.

3.Speak more! Watching English Movies and hearing English Songs would act like a helping hand but you would have to do the actual work. The only way to improve your pronunciation is to SPEAK. You would increase your vocabulary by reading Books and newspapers, but to develop your pronunciation you need to speak. Don’t wait for someone to come and talk to you, but speak to yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself. So, start speaking out loud to yourself as often as you can.

4.Pronunciation is a physical skill. It is a game of controlling the movement of your lips and tongue. The better you are at making different sounds, the better would be your pronunciation. Pronunciation is actually putting discrete sounds together to make a word. So concentrate on the movement of your mouth.

5.You need to realise how important  stress and emphasis is in English. Stressing on the correct syllable would make the word clear and understandable. If you have incorrect stress and emphasis it will make your English unclear to listeners. You cannot imagine in your mind as to where to put stress in a word. And for this reason we are always advised to listen to Music and watch Movies. Listening would help you to understand the pronunciation and speaking it would help you to improve the pronunciation.

6.So many words in English look very different to how they are pronounced. The only rule you need to remember for English pronunciation is that there are no rules. English is a strange language. Words like buy, bye and by all have different spelling but same pronunciation.  If you rely on the spelling of a word in English for pronunciation you will mispronounce many words. The moral is that it’s time to stop relying on the way words look and start to use your ears! Taking this step will hugely improve your listening skills and English pronunciation and English accent.

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