June 21, 2024



I Don’t Know :

Its guideline no. 1, don’t ever say ‘I don’t know’ to your boss. They inquire you something because they confidence you will help them find an answer. So, even if you don’t recognize the answer, tell them you will find out and come back to them.

That’s not how we used to conduct :

No identification. More than denoting a finger on the practical capabilities of the current boss, it shows you in a bad luminous. Your boss will feel you are exact and not flexible and adaptable.

I don’t have time :

You should never say that to your boss, it frustrate your own significance. This statement point you as someone who is flawed. It has to be ‘I Can’ or ‘I Will’ consistently. Even if you are neck-deep in work try catching out sometime and do that additional work.

I can’t supposed what you did :

Bosses are also humans and they can make fault . Bad judgment or good you should not pass any sarcastic comments for your bosses. You can always comment an idea before a choice is made, but after a choice has been made, your comment will be seen as negative.

We all sense the same way :

Don’t generalise explanation. It could be the case that bulk of the employees hold the same judgment about a certain thing but going absolute and telling that to your boss on their face is untrue. What if he doesn’t sense the same and what if when oppose nobody comes forth to take a stand?

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